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Frequently Asked Questions


Who is eligible to participate?

All UC San Diego faculty, staff, and students aged 18 and older are eligible.

Where do study visits take place?

Study visits take place at existing on-campus COVID testing and vaccination sites. Study visits can be scheduled online during sign-up. See our active location(s).

If I have tested positive for COVID in the past 90 days and have been instructed not to get another COVID test, can I still participate?

Yes!  Please inform study personnel at check-in that you have had a positive test within the last 90 days and will be providing a fingerstick blood test for antibody testing only.

Does the COVID test conducted as part of the study count for my required UCSD testing?

Yes!  The COVID test conducted as part of the study is the same testing performed at on campus testing sites and will be reported in MyChart.

Will I receive results of my testing?

Results of your COVID-19 test (nasal swab) will be available in MyChart 24-48 hours after the study visit.

Antibody results will be provided in MyChart approximately 30 days after testing. These results are for research purposes only and are not intended for diagnosis or treatment decisions.

Results are reported in MyChart based on the date of your study visit, so if you have had additional testing since your study visit, you may need to scroll down. 

How do I sign up?

To sign up to participate, visit the Participate page.